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Thursday, March 27, 2008                                                                


Hello, and welcome to the Joe Esposito Website. On these pages you will find photos and information of the Esposito Family. Also you will find photos of people that are most dear to myself and have captured my heart.

Some of my favorite things to do are: Enjoying my daughter's company, Spending and sharing my time with my lovely girlfriend, Patrice. I enjoy riding my Harley Davidson Motorcycle and also Scuba diving anywhere with warm water!

We live in Las Vegas and love to spend time in Utah and Baja California

A happy moment in 2007.... me,  my mother Agatha, my daughter Nicole and my girlfriend Patrice.

My mom is no longer with us, as she passed away on 12/11/2007. But we had many happy times like this.  She will always be remembered for being feisty and for her spirit.

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